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Property insurance policies can be very complex and hard to understand.  Underwriters use a confusing format that loses the average home or business owner in the mixed-up pages.  They specifically deny perils on one page but allow them on the next (under certain conditions).  We fully understand the different policy types and if your loss is covered or not. 

You are required to notify your insurance company of any damage as soon as possible.  We kindly ask you to "call us first".  Let us make that call.  Claim handlers are trained to ask intimidating questions that may lead to denial of your claim.  The Able team will quickly handle this process after we first determine if the loss is covered or not.  Let our experts make that decision.  Remember, a loss that is denied and not paid for is still considered a "loss" and will scar your claim-free history. 

You are also required to do whatever possible to prevent further damage to your property when a loss occurs. Failing to do this could also disqualify your claim. Temporary repairs should be made as soon as possible. Able Public Adjusters can recommend contractors to perform this service if you don’t know of one.

Another fact is that insurance agents sell insurance, they do not adjust losses. Call Able first!  Your agent does not make coverage decisions.

Basement floods are not covered losses, even with flood insurance. However, if your sump pump fails, you may be covered. Losses that occurred over a period of time are not covered. Your loss must be sudden and accidental. Mold is not a covered peril with most policies unless it is a direct result of a loss.

The red tape is endless. Without proper representation you could be forced to pay out of pocket for your loss. Why take the chance? 

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